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Who we are?


How Valuable are Your Domain Names to your Business?
If you're like most businesses, your domain names can be priceless. They allow potential customers to find you. They reflect your branding investment. They represent your online storefront real estate.

For all of these reasons, registry.coo.gr is the preferred registrar of choice for over 1,000 business members. Here's why:

A highly responsive and skilled Support Team provides you with industry leading assistance and response times, a necessity when doing business online. While registry.coo.gr is a technology company, we also realize that good people are critical to the success of any business. We pride ourselves on the skills and professionalism of our staff, and invest heavily in their training and development. When you receive customer service from registry.coo.gr - whether it's via e-mail or on the phone - we want to ensure that you are in contact with the best and brightest in the industry today.

We have been profitable for five consecutive years. We're not going anywhere - we'll be here to protect and manage your domains.

Your names couldn't be safer - we provide a secure management interface, portfolio tools for activity transparency, and domain locking capability with every membership. We have back-up servers in multiple geographies for redundancy and protection.

Technology you can count on
Our top-notch development team is continuously upgrading our systems with the latest technology, creating new tools and features to make your domain management as easily maintained and reliable as possible.

Who are Our Members?

  • Businesses and Bulk Buyers
    All told, over 1,000 members register, transfer, renew and manage almost 2,000 domain names using registry.coo.gr. Members include companies of all sizes, and non-profit organizations.

  • Resellers
    Hundreds of web design firms, systems integrators and other IT services firms use registry.coo.gr to power their own profitable, private-labeled domain name services.